terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

The Enneagram and NLP

The Enneagram is an ancient typology of personality that precedes an important key to our strengths and limitations, our preoccupations, passions and defenses. Created by safe mathematicians in the 16th century it is sometimes known as ‘the face of God’. It is organized with the numbers one to nine placed in a circle with lines drawn between the numbers indicating certain relationships. The Enneagram proposes that there are nine basic personality types, each shaped and influenced by several other pivotal types under various circumstances. This elegant process is one of the reasons - unlike other typologies - that the Enneagram does not put you in a box, nor is it so vague that the information becomes no more than another interesting theory. It helps you identify the thread that sews through your life while giving you the space to be the unique individual you are. Identifying your number (type) brings a deeper understanding of who you are, what your challenges are and which possibilities you have for your personal evolution.

(na foto: Anné Linden, conhecida como The First Lady of NLP, fundadora do The New York Training Institute for NLP, o primeiro centro de Programação NeuroLinguística do mundo, 31 anos de experiência; para além de ser uma das mais conceituadas trainers mundiais é especialista em NLP e eneagrama)

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