sábado, 12 de março de 2011

Systemic Voodoo

NLP is part of our 'individualistic' Western culture. A culture that teaches: 'I can take control over my own life.' But as soon as we focus on social systems, we enter a different world. A world in which greater powers than me are in control. Where the we dominates the me. Where collectivity overpowers individuality; and where the spirit of the nation, the tribe, the family or the ancestors seem to decide over our fate.

In 'Family constellation therapy', as it was developed by the German psychotherapist and former priest Bert Hellinger, 'fate' is an central concept. In this article we argue that Hellingers work thanks part of its succes to how it integrates some elements of primordial relegious healing practices. By making these latter aspects more visable, we hope to add something to an ecological application of some of the ingredients of Hellingers work within NLP.

(Lucas Derks and Jaap Hollander 1998)

Quer ler o artigo complete? Clique: http://www.socialpanorama.com/articles/Voodoo.htm

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