quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2011

NLP and Science (?) Procuram-se investigadores cientificos

What psychotherapists can begin to learn from neuroscience. Seven principles of brain based psychotherapy (Nydia M. Cappas, Raquel Andres-Hyman and Larry Davidson (Yale University School of Medicine)

Seven Principles of Brain-Based Psychotherapy:

Principle 1: Genetics and Environment Interact in the Brain to Shape the Individual
Principle 2: Experience Transforms the Brain
Principle 3: Memory Systems in the Brain Are Interactive
Principle 4: Cognitive and Emotional Processes Work in Partnership
Principle 5: Bonding and Attachment Provide the Foundation for Change
Principle 6: Imagery Activates and Stimulates the Same Brain Systems as Does Real Perception
Principle 7: The Brain Can Process Nonverbal and Unconscious Information

"What Psychotherapists Can Begin to Learn from Neuroscience" : Seven Principles of a Brain-Based Psychotherapy (Nydia M. Cappas, Raquel Andres-Hyman, Larry Davidson), Publication: Psychotherapy: Theory/Research/Practice/Training, Publisher: Elsevier

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